Local News

  • WLFC support LFHHS

    The LFHHS or Lancashire Family History and Heraldry Society are a worldwide group with 13 branches in the UK, one of which is a facility at Astley Farmhouse, Astley Village in Chorley and are a registered charity. The society is run by volunteers and provides the facilities and guidance to those interested in researching their […]

  • Lever Park Lodge celebrates 50 years.

    Lever Park Lodge No 8144 recently celebrated its consecration 50 years ago, with a special celebration meeting. Consecrated in December 1967, Lever Park is a daughter lodge of Horwich Lodge No 2324 along with Wilderswood Lodge No 5932.Rockhaven Lodge was also one of the daughter lodges and has now amalgamated with the mother lodge, and […]

  • Perfect Points in the Second Degree

    The recent meeting of Perfect Points; the Chorley research group, re united them with that part of Craft Freemasonry from which they derive their name. A demonstration team from Howley Lodge No 5012 attended the meeting held at Westhoughton Masonic hall, with a Second-Degree demonstration, to explain the symbolism of the Second Degree ceremony. The […]

  • Brookfield Hall opens its doors

    Brookfield Masonic Hall is the meeting venue for the Chorley Group’s Westhoughton Lodges and Chapters. As well as being a Masonic meeting place, Brookfield Hall is, like many of our masonic venues, a thriving business enterprise in its own right. In a joint venture between both the masonic and commercial sides, the hall opened the […]

  • MCF 2021 Festival

    All the latest news regarding the Chorley Group and the MCF 2012 Festival….