Local News

  • St James Lodge visit Underley Lodge in Kirkby Lonsdale

    The WM of St James Lodge, Keith West and eight members of the lodge along with John Anderson from Eccleston Lodge recently travelled north to Kirby Lonsdale to join members of Underley Lodge No 1074 for their annual ‘Olde English Night’. There is a strong link between the two lodges as Malcolm Dewhurst, the last […]

  • Day out to Southport

    Chorley Group companions descended on Southport for a day out at the Annual Convocation of Provincial Grand Chapter. Arriving by bus, train, car and some even walked, they all assembled in ample time to meet up with companions from all over the Province. When all the rehearsals were complete, over 600 companions took their seats […]

  • Every cloud has a silver lining

    Every cloud has a silver lining and as Rockhaven and Horwich Lodge No 2324 installation loomed, the clouds gathered. The WM, Gerald Kay told his colleagues that he wouldn’t be able to install his successor due to ill health. Luckily, the sun soon came out as Colin Preston shone light on the situation and took […]

  • A colourful installation at Westhoughton Lodge of Amity 7782

    Brookfield Masonic Hall was the venue for the 58th installation meeting of Westhoughton Lodge of Amity 7782.The evening proved to be an excellent night of colour, dark blue, light blue, and green with good ritual, good company, good music and excellent food and wine, The lodge was honoured to have the presence of Geoffrey Porter, […]

  • Arthur Hamer a Freemason for 50 years

    The many brethren and guests of Lever Park Lodge No 8144 were honoured by the presence of the Assistant Provincial Grand Master, Stewart Seddon at their recent lodge meeting. This however, was far from a normal meeting of the lodge as the lodge was celebrating the 50th year in Freemasonry of Arthur Hamer. The lodge […]

  • Chorley Lodge and the Wisdom of Solomon

    It has been said that it would take the wisdom of Solomon to spice up a lodge business meeting and Chorley Lodge took up the challenge at their recent meeting to see if it was true – literally. At a previous meeting Eric Kos, the lodge director of ceremonies, gave a presentation on the newly […]

  • Joint visit to Eccleston Lodge

    Visiting each other’s lodges is undoubtedly a cornerstone of Freemasonry. It is an opportunity to share comradeship, to enjoy each other’s company as well as on opportunity to learn more by seeing others in their lodge performing ceremonies. For the past five years, St James Lodge No 8910 have been regular visitors at North Shore […]

  • The Chorley Blues Brothers welcome back meal

    The Chorley Blues Brothers recently met for a ‘welcome back to the new masonic season meal’ Fifteen light blues from across the group, and their partners, went to the La Scala restaurant on the A6 at Westhoughton for some Italian cuisine, and a touch of the amber nectar. Conversation flowed as freely as the beer […]

  • Chorley Masonic Hall opens its doors

    Chorley Masonic Hall recently opened its doors to the public in support of the national Heritage Weekend project. The doors were open on both Saturday and Sunday afternoons to let the people of Chorley see what there was behind what is often perceived as closed doors. The event, organised by Chris Jones, Chorley Group membership […]

  • Something unique at Lever Park

    The members of Lever Park Lodge 8144 had a unique experience at their recent lodge meeting. They welcomed, not one but fifteen joining members, to their lodge. This boosted their numbers from 45 to 60. Unfortunately, five of the fifteen had to give their apologies so on the night, only ten were welcomed. Thirteen of […]

  • St James Lodge No 8910 BBQ

    What can be better than a summer barbeque in glorious sunshine/ The members of St James Lodge No 8910 must have had a crystal ball when they chose Sunday 25th August as the date for their annual barbeque. Being the ‘closed season’, the members of St James Lodge had a lot of catching up to […]