From 3 degrees to 2 wheels

On Tuesday the 16th May, Tyldesley Lodge No 2572 received an informative talk from W. Bro. Shaun Higson of Felicity Lodge 4365 (East Lancashire)

The talk “From 3 degrees to 2 wheels” introduced and highlighted the activity of The Widows Sons Masonic Bikers Association. The only motorcycling association currently recognised by UGLE.

Brethren were fascinated by the history and structure of the organisation and were particularly impressed by the charitable and social activity of the association.

Bro. Higson asked two colleagues from the Widows Sons North West Chapter, who had attended to support him to introduce themselves to the lodge and explain their “Road Names” these were Bro Ian Hunter – St. Georges Lodge 7161 and W. Bro. George Houghton – Anderton Lodge 8470.

Ian introduced himself as Ian “Trump’ter” Hunter, explaining that he was called Trump’ter for three reasons, because he played the trumpet, he rode a Triumph motorcycle known as a trumpet and lastly because of his predilection for baked beans.

George explained he was called “Soup Top” after “Soup Top George”, a celebrated American Buffalo Soldier, George was christened with the name by a friend shortly after a visit to an old U.S. Fort where the 10th cavalry regiment were posted.

Shaun explained that the Widows Sons were extremely grateful for the support they get from the lodges in West Lancashire and in particular the personal support of the RWPGM Tony Harrison.

The Widows Sons have now joined a struggling West Lancashire Lodge en masse with the hope of transforming it into a motorcyclists lodge and they have also taken the threat of closure away from Skelmersdale and Waterloo Chapter likewise by joining that en masse, the Chapter has now moved to Bryn and will be holding their meetings on a Saturday morning, the format being a cooked breakfast, the HRA chapter meeting then a ride-out.

It was apparent that everyone enjoyed the talk and it even became the main topic at the social board with Bro Ken Ogg the Worshipful Master of Westhoughton Lodge of Amity No 7782 happily relating tales of his motorcycling youth in his response to the toast to the visitors.

We can thoroughly recommend arranging a visit from the Widows Sons, it was extremely interesting informative, humorous and thought provoking.

If you want to know more about the Widows Sons or to arrange a talk, please contact W. Bro. Shaun Higson who will put you in touch with your local Widows Sons representative: –

Shaun (left) with the Widows Sons

Shaun (left) with the Widows Sons