Get your Soft canvas regalia case!

The West Lancs Trading Company celebration of 300 years of Freemasonry are to inform everyone of a soft canvas regalia case which are to be sold out on-line at just £10.00 each plus postage and packaging and the usual Pay Pal charges apply.

Why use one of these?

The cases have two handles as well as a shoulder strap. It has a pocket inside to put such things as the “MCF 2021 Festival Jewel” and the “Royal Arch Jewel” as well as one or both sets of craft or royal arch regalia, be it Provincial – Master Masons or Grand regalia –  dress or un-dress.

The soft canvas case is an ideal item for our Provincial meetings when a plastic bag is sometimes used, bearing in mind we are trying our best to stop using plastic bags etc., which we know damages the environment.

Each case can be placed on the back of your chair at a provincial meeting and once the meeting has closed your regalia can be placed into the case and there will be no need to go and queue to collect your bags after the meeting.

Please contact Gary Smith or Allan Shields who have stock or alternatively order from the Provincial on – line shop. Details on the website.

When you can use one of these!

When you can have one of these!