Craft Freemason’s Mentoring

An Introduction to mentoring from our Group Mentor –  Derek Robinson

Mentoring in the context of Freemasonry requires skills which most of us already have, whether we realise it or not. We are all mentors to each other, with the added benefit of a Lodge mentor who will help organise and coordinate our efforts.

The attributes we possess are those of empathy, understanding and the ability to listen to our fellow brother.

When we apply these basic skills, we are well on the way to achieving our goal of promoting happiness and lasting bonds of friendship.

When our fellow brother is happy in his Lodge and feels a bond of friendship with his fellows, he will be more comfortable in his Masonry and he will find ritual less daunting. This comes from being less inclined to worry about making mistakes, or feeling self conscious.

It is a fact that when a brother delivers a piece of ritual well, no matter how large or small, there is a tremendous feeling of achievement, this in turn helps to cement his commitment to his Lodge and to Freemasonry generally.

The role of the Lodge mentor is to practice Brotherly Love, to be true to all the brethren in his Lodge and to ensure the newer brethren, or those newly appointed to office, are allocated a more experienced brother to act as their own personal mentor. Brotherly Love and caring for one another is infectious and will result in Masonic Lodges which will thrive for an eternity.

Our profile as mentors appears primarily to be aimed at the new members coming into the Craft, which is very true, but we must be constantly aware of every brother’s needs.

The brother who has filled every office and passed through the Master’s chair, has had a very busy seven years, then to find himself sat quietly on the past Master’s bench can be a very lonely time. The brother who has served his lodge for many happy years, who then finds his old friends are dying off, can feel out of place also.

As mentors we must be vigilant, we must not allow situations such as these to occur.

Mentoring is constantly evolving within Freemasonry, the next phase will be known as “Ambassadors for Freemasonry”.  There is now a presentation on this subject, which is available to be given in Lodge, to ensure our newer brethren feel more comfortable and confident to talk freely about their Freemasonry to family and friends.

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