Question Time at Perfect Points

The Chorley Group research society held their annual general meeting at Chorley Masonic Hall following which the brain power of some of its members was put to the test.

Firstly down to the business of the AGM: Gary Smith, Chairman welcomed all those attending some of which had traveled from as far as Poulton and Kirkham.

From left to right, Steve Lowe, Mark Howard and Gary Smith

From left to right, Steve Lowe, Mark Howard and Gary Smith

Some of the executive members have changed around with Allan Shields now Vice Chairman and Mark Howard now looking after the purse strings as treasurer. Jayson Jackson has now taken up the secretarial duties and Gary thanked all for their previous work and welcomed the new executive officers to their new roles.

Then it was question time with a panel made up of Gary Smith, Frank Wilkinson, David Harrison, John Robson and Allan Shields all in the line of fire!

Can you answer any of the questions posed by the audience?

  • Why is an apprentice ‘entered’?
  • Why do masons wear aprons?
  • What is the symbolism of Ashlars?
  • What are the origins of Wardens, Tylers and Deacons?
  • Why do we greet our WM with 5 during his installation but only with three in the First or Third degree?
  • Why do we have a Pro Grand Master?
  • Why is the S and C inverted when the Provincial Grand Master occupies the chair?
  • What are the origins of the six and five pointed stars used in Freemasonry
  • Why is the installation ceremony for most of the part conducted in the second?

If you have enjoyed thinking about these questions then Perfect Points may be perfect for you.

Following the meeting, the brethren retired for a supper consisting of steak and mushroom pie served up superbly by the caterers at Chorley Masonic Hall and rounded off with a apple crumble and custard with lively discussion and debate following the question session earlier.

David Bridge of St Bartholomew Lodge was the lucky winner of the free… yes free raffle prize which was a very nice bottle of malt whisky kindly provided by the Chairman, Gary.

Perfect Points next meeting is on Sunday November 11th at Westhoughton Masonic hall to commemorate 100 years since the armistice. Our Provincial Grand Master, Tony Harrison is the special guest for this occasion which includes a lecture and a brass band playing during a three course roast beef meal. This will be a very special occasion to which all masons and their wives or partners along with friends and family are welcome to attend. See

Perfect Points members enjoy debate and fine food

Perfect Points members enjoy debate and fine food