Raven Winder walk

The Main Fundraising event in the Province for 2018 and in aid of the MCF 2021 Festival is
to be held on Sunday 03rd June 2018 with a start time of 1.00pm, leaving Heysham Village
which is an ideal Meeting point with public conveniences, lots of parking space and a £1.40p
charge for the whole day for parking.

The Provincial Grand Master will be in attendance to wave off the band of walkers headed by
Assistant Provincial Grand Master David Winder and his good Lady Sue.
All are welcome to participate and please bring along family and friends.

The proceeds of the walk are as stated above and we ask that a minimum of twenty pounds
Sponsorship is obtained by all walkers; however that would not preclude you from joining in
and enjoying the day.

Any Sponsorship raised will accrue to your Lodge or Chapter Patronage of the West
Lancashire 2021 Festival.

If you cannot personally participate in the walk we ask that you encourage your lodge or
chapter members to do so and help the worthy cause by sponsoring them.
If you do not have a brother or companion in your lodge or chapter who is able to carry out
the walk, your lodge or chapter members have the opportunity to sponsor David Winder to do
the walk on your behalf. Monies would still accrue to your personal Lodge or Chapter
Patronage for the Festival.

Any donations can be posted within a Freepost envelope along with the Gift Aid Sponsor
form and the Miscellaneous payment form. I have pleasure to attach all these forms and an
information sheet which will assist you to plan and enjoy your day.

Download your forms here:


Raven Winder Walk Sponsorship Form


or from your Group Charity Steward.
We would ask that you inform your respective Group Charity Steward if you’re Lodge or
Chapter is to donate to the walk in order that he is aware of your kindness and intention and
can lend support to the submission of your donation.

If you require any more information regarding the walk please do not hesitate to contact me
and I will do my utmost to assist you.

Philip J Preston
Provincial Grand Charity Steward
MCF 2021 Festival Chairman