Something unique at Lever Park

The members of Lever Park Lodge 8144 had a unique experience at their recent lodge meeting. They welcomed, not one but fifteen joining members, to their lodge. This boosted their numbers from 45 to 60. Unfortunately, five of the fifteen had to give their apologies so on the night, only ten were welcomed.

The worshipful master , Clive Butterworth, welcomes a group of joining members

Thirteen of the joining members were from the recently closed Wilderswood Lodge showing that every cloud has a silver lining and the sad closure of one lodge has meant that another has had its membership significantly increased. The thirteen was boosted to fifteen by two joining members from Rivington Lodge.

Those present in the lodge room at Horwich Masonic Hall experienced a very rare occasion and Lever Park Lodge made the evening very special by welcoming the new joining members with some home spun ritual.

First came the ballot for the fifteen. The sigh of relief from the members and guests was audible as the worshipful master announced that the ballot proved in favour and there would be no need to take fifteen separate ballots!!!

The worshipful master, Clive Butterworth, takes wine with director of ceremonies, John Dawber, on the occasion of his 30 year anniversary

The welcome ceremony proper then started with the director of ceremonies formally announcing that the joining brothers sought admission. They were duly admitted as the secretary read their names. They were then asked if they would support the Master and his wardens and having received a positive response from each new member, the worshipful master welcomed them and offered each one the hand of friendship and fellowship. The new joining members were then taken to the junior and senior wardens where they were welcomed in the south and west. They then lined up in the north where they were addressed by the worshipful master before taking their seats in the lodge. A delightful, simple ceremony to mark the unique occasion.

The wholly light blue team of officers of the lodge then proceeded to transact the normal business in an efficient manner which belayed the fact that it was their first meeting since their installation.

The members and their guests then retired to the bar and social board for refreshment, both liquid and solid! They enjoyed a delicious three course meal, a lot of friendly conversation and not a little banter!! Lever Park Lodge has a tradition to sing ‘Let us have Harmony’ and ‘Happy to meet’ but the guests were mystified when everyone joined in a chorus of ‘Ging Gang Goolie’! Another highlight was the worshipful master’s taking of wine with the lodge director of ceremonies, John Dawber, who that night was celebrating thirty years in freemasonry.

The worshipful master, Clive Butterworth, with a group of joining members