St Bartholomew and The Peace Lodge enjoy joint festive board.

St Bartholomew No 6071 and The Peace Lodge No 2269 had a night to remember at Westhoughton Masonic hall with a festive board to celebrate the time of year.

The two lodges were joined by members of Westhoughton Lodge No 4215 who had requested a dispensation to move their meeting and this meant it was a “full house” with around 180 guests present.

The Festive board was ‘chaired’ by the WM of St Bartholomew Lodge, Tony Fletcher, very ably kept on track by the director of ceremonies of The Peace Lodge, Gary Fisher. Everyone enjoyed a fine traditional fayre prepared and served by the staff at the hall and special mention goes to Victoria, Sarah, head chef David for their hard work on the evening.

A rousing ‘happy birthday’ was sung to three of the guests, Hemlata Fletcher, Carol Martland and Kaitlyn Fisher who were all celebrating their birthday on the day.

A raffle for Masonic and non-Masonic charities, very capably led by Stephen Gregory and John Cunliffe, raised over a thousand pounds. A big thank you to all those who donated to this fantastic amount.

The evening was rounded off with Lostock Hall brass band playing carols with everyone singing with gusto to the finale of the evening, the 12 Days of Christmas.

Keith Knowles, the members of The Peace Lodge with their partners.