St James Lodge No 8910 BBQ

What can be better than a summer barbeque in glorious sunshine/

John Riley hard at work feeding the hungry

The members of St James Lodge No 8910 must have had a crystal ball when they chose Sunday 25th August as the date for their annual barbeque.

Being the ‘closed season’, the members of St James Lodge had a lot of catching up to do as over 200 guests descended on the home of John Riley, the lodge immediate past master and almoner, and his wife Lorraine for a very enjoyable afternoon.

The barbeque had something for everyone. Already mentioned, the weather was superb. The food was plentiful, 200 beef burgers, 800 sausage and 250 pork steaks were devoured and. DJ Charlie kept everyone entertained with a melody of hits from all decades. Not to forget another traditional element of the barbeque, the bouncy castle which was well used by children and adults alike.

The icing on the cake was the result of the charity collection which raised the grand sum of £1120.

a Charlie entertaining the guests – b Bouncy castle – c Queue for the food – d Mrs Riley in the green dress with backing singers