A Spicy night for Tyldesley Lodge

The Members of Tyldesley Lodge and their friends met at ‘Rema’ in Tyldesley for the Lodge’s Annual Curry night. The social nature of the evening was evident as Amity, Rivington, Peace, Brookfield & Coronation Lodges were all represented and there were as many non-masonic guests too.

The Evening started early for some with a gathering at the Union Arms to discuss the finer points of the evenings food and to sample a few of the hostelries selection of fine ales and wines whilst others decided to arrive early at the restaurant to ensure the best possible seating position was secured and to view the fine selection of raffle prizes.

A private room had been reserved which proved to be an excellent venue for the 46 who attended to enjoy the vast selection of food that was on offer. After everyone had sampled the poppadum’s and accompaniments the food was served ‘buffet style’ with a vast selection of starters and curries to choose from that suited everyone’s taste and some were even tempted back for a second helping.

The usual ‘Tyldesley Teaser’ quiz had everyone guessing what was inside the parcel and left the organiser with somewhat of a headache as 9 people guessed the correct answer and tried to claim the bounty. The stand-off was resolved by the drawing of a random number which left everyone confused except the eventual winner who was delighted with the prize.

A rousing rendition of Happy Birthday was sung to Derek Robinson who had turned 60 years young earlier in the week and the resulting birthday cake was distributed to provide a tasty dessert.

After the usual raffle had been drawn the guests departed for home, still confused by the method used to decide the ‘Tyldesley Teaser’ but all agreeing that it had been a fantastic night.

A massive thanks to Eddie Friar and Gill for their sterling efforts in organising the event despite both deciding that they would prefer an English meal to the Indian Fayre on offer and to Andy Parr and Michelle for hosting the event.

The brethren and their guests enjoy the curry