Group Masonic Fellowship

Masonic Fellowship is an organisation dedicated to enhancing the social life of its members who will be either:

  1. Brethren who have retired from full time work and the wives of such brethren. There are no geographical boundaries!
  2. A widow of a brother
  3. Wives of working Brethren who have them selves retired.

Meetings are usually held on the second Wednesday of each month (except in July) and start at 2pm at Chorley Masonic hall.

There is normally a speaker or a celebration taking place and all eligible are welcome to attend. A small charge is made to cover refreshments  at each meeting and a small annual membership charge for members.

Please contact The Secretary: Frank Farnworth  EMail:

Events planned for 2018 / 2019

August 14th 2019Flowers for Susanna - Elaine Taylor
September 11th 2019 Trekking in Croatia - Pat Ashcroft
October 19th 2018Fabulous Foliage & Fantastic Flowers - Jacqueline Iddon
November 14th 2018Background to Royal Maundy - Susan Hughes
December 12th 2018Christmas Lunch with entertainment from The Ladybridge Singers
January 9th 2019Folk Music - Peter Watson
February 13th 2019Norway- Land of Surprises - Norman Harris
March 13th 2019AGM & The Duties of a Toast Master - Garry Fishwick
April 18th 2019Chorley Street Pastors
May 22nd 2019Birthday Lunch with entertainment from So Far So Good
June 12th 2019A Police Spokesperson Said - Roger Blaxall