Group Royal Arch Freemasons’ Mentoring

An introduction to Mentoring in the Royal Arch from the Group Royal Arch Liaison Officer and Group Royal Arch Mentor, E.Comp. Peter Allen.

I’m sure that you are already aware of the important role that Lodge Mentors and the Mentoring process play within Craft Lodges, but are you aware that each Royal Arch Chapter within the Group also has a Mentor?

New Initiates within the Craft get to know their Lodge Mentor very early on and this is also the case in the Royal Arch. New candidates meet and get to know their Chapter Mentor prior to the Exaltation Ceremony and he is able to put the candidate at his ease and answer any preliminary questions that he may have. The Royal Arch Chapter Mentor often plays a part in the Exaltation Ceremony itself and, looking further ahead, is able to offer guidance to and answer more searching questions from the new Exaltee.

The Chapter Mentor is an experienced Royal Arch Mason and is there to help the new Exaltee and also the more seasoned Companion who may require guidance or assistance. You only have to ask!

Who are the Royal Arch Mentors?

Arthur Walmsley
Earl of Lathom Chapter 0730
Tony Hall
Horwich Chapter 2324
Alex Prescott
Westhoughton Chapter 4215
Chris Furmston
Standish Chapter 4955
Jim Jackson
Wilderswood Chapter 5932
Mick Matthews
Chorley Chapter 6287
Peter Hegarty
Peter Hegarty
Coronation Chapter 7258

Where and when do our Chapters meet?

Chapter Name
Meets atMeets on
Earl of Lathom Chapter 730Chorley Masonic HallLast Mon in Oct, Feb, Apr & Jun
Horwich Chapter 2324Horwich Masonic HallLast Wed in Sep, Nov, Jan & Mar
Westhoughton Chapter 4215Westhoughton Masonic HallFourth Tue in Sep, Nov, Jan & Mar
Standish Chapter 4955Chorley Masonic HallSecond Tue in Sep, Nov, Jan & Mar
Wilderswood Chapter 5932Horwich Masonic HallSecond Fri in Oct, Dec, Feb & Apr
Chorley Chapter 6287Chorley Masonic HallLast Tue in Sep, Nov, Jan & Mar
Coronation Chapter 7258Westhoughton Masonic HallFourth Tue in Oct, Feb & Apr. Third Tue in Dec.


Are you thinking of joining a Royal Arch Chapter?

The Royal Arch is a very beautiful and colourful Order which imparts to us further knowledge over and above that which we learn from the Craft Degrees. Why not ask one of the Royal Arch Mentors for more information – you’ll be glad you did!

Joining a Royal arch Chapter is very easy to do – just follow these simple first steps:

1) Decide which Chapter’s meeting place and meeting pattern would suit you best.

2) Contact the appropriate Chapter Mentor either by clicking on the link (above) or by telephone  (number in the Group Year Book).

Peter Allen - Group RA Mentor & Liaison Officer

Peter Allen – Group RA Mentor & Liaison Officer

Alternatively, please feel free to contact me with any questions that you may have relating to the Royal Arch. If you are thinking of becoming a member but are unsure about taking the ‘first step’ or which would be the right Chapter for you, please give me a call and I shall be delighted to help.

Peter Allen,

Group Royal Arch Liaison Officer and

Group Royal Arch Mentor