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Cunliffe Hall

Cunliffe Hall

Freemasonry has existed in Chorley since the establishment of Atholl Lodge No. 238, meeting at the Swan with Two Necks in 1788. Masons still lived in Chorley but must have met outside the   town as on 14 May 1857 a meeting was held to establish a Masonic lodge in the town. Ellesmere Lodge, meeting at the Red Lion Hotel, was finally consecrated in March 1858 and given the number 1032. Shortly after this in a Grand Lodge re-organisation its number was changed to 730. Six years later saw the consecration of a daughter lodge, Townley Parker, which by a pure coincidence became Lodge no. 1032! Both lodges eventually moved to rooms in the Town Hall. Some years later they removed to the Imperial Hotel and the brewery built a suite of rooms for Masonic use at the rear of the hotel in Fellery Street . Eventually, a new home was found and bought in Cunliffe Street . This had been a Methodist Chapel and School and needed extensive alterations to make it suitable for Masonic use. It was finally officially opened on 4 January 1971.The rooms can be booked for non masonic events for example weddings or parties. Click on the link to see the Cunliffe Hall web page or the info e mail link to get more information or make a booking.

Cunliffe Hall

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