A ‘Hart’ felt installation at Tyldesley Lodge

Brookfield Masonic hall was the setting for the installation of Bryn Hart, the hall chairman, becoming the master of Tyldesley Lodge No 2572 for the second time. The lodge was honoured to have the company of Assistant Provincial Grand Master, Stuart Seddon accompanied by a galaxy of acting Provincial officers as well as Chorley group chairman, vice chairman and treasurer, Peter Lockett, Peter Allen and Mike Silver.

Bryn Hart (left) and Edward Friar the outgoing master (right)

At the appropriate time, Stewart Seddon entered the lodge with a team of eight acting officers, expertly conducted by the Provincial Deputy Director of Ceremonies, Gary Smith, which made for a very impressive display.

The installation was performed in a most delightful manner by David Hargreaves, Bryn’s proposer, who also installed him the first-time round. David was ably assisted in the installation by Mike Silver and Bernard Davenport. One highlight was the presentation of the working tools in a brilliant manner especially the first degree by Keith Royale.

Swainson Eckersley (left) sings the master’s song to Bryn Hart (right)

After the ceremony was concluded, the WM had the pleasure of presenting several cheques which were for MCF 2021 festival-£1000, West Lancashire Freemasons Charity-£100, Firwood school-£200, Eccleshoime-£200 and masonic fishing charity-£100, along with other donations throughout the year. A grand total of £2647.50, a truly generous amount.

The music in the lodge was provided by the great Ray Dainton, who handed over the ‘keys’ to Wilf Farnworth. Ray has been organist for 18 years and thought it may be time to slow down!

The festive board was an excellent meal as always. The brethren were entertained with the master’s song which was sung by Swainson Eckersley accompanied by Wilf Farnworth.

The ladies join the men after the meeting

A nice touch of the evening was that the ladies of the lodge were in an adjoining room also having a meal and a nice chat, waiting for the gents to finish their meeting so they could all meet up and have a drink together.

We wish Bryn and Tyldesley lodge a successful and happy year.

Bryan Hart with Stewart Seddon and grand and acting Provincial officers