Chorley Group Embraces Social Media

The Chorley and District Group of Lodges are now on social media, with pages on Facebook and Twitter.

Social Media

All the posts that go on our group website will be automatically posted to the social media pages.

We will be reporting anything that happens within the group that is deemed to be ‘newsworthy’. This includes Installations, celebrations, 50 and 60 year anniversaries, charity presentations, special initiations, special events, demonstrations, anniversaries, centenaries, amalgamations, church services, as well as special events including social and fundraising events.

We will also be sharing and retweeting anything of masonic interest to us in the group.

The pages are available to anyone, masonic and non-masonic alike but only admins will be able to post!

The links to our Facebook and Twitter pages are:-

The more likes and follows we can get will grow the popularity of the pages.