Group Chairman’s communication


We are at the half way stage in our Tercentenary Year. The MCF Festival was officially launched by our R.W. Provincial Grand Master, Bro. James Anthony Harrison at Provincial Grand Lodge in May.

I write to thank you and to congratulate you on the part you have already played in establishing the Festival in the minds of everyone. The total already achieved of £1,000,000 plus, is in itself a magnificent sum and a fine base from which to build on.

The Chorley Group have long been admired as a most generous Group. You always rise to the challenge, and your generosity is renowned.

Peter Lockett - Chorley Group Chairman

Peter Lockett – Chorley Group Chairman

The MCF Festival Appeal is not a competition. To use a footballing analogy, I would be delighted if we achieve a ‘Champions League placing’ when the final count is completed. To achieve a repeat of our former successes, will probably depend on whether the majority of Lodges and Chapters achieve patronage of one level or another over the Festival period. I can only ask that you give as generously as is prudent for your Lodge/Chapter, and I recognise the fact that you are still doing your best to assist the WLFC and to support your Halls too.

We have achieved great things in the past and have raised significant amounts of money for several deserving causes. I feel sure that you will achieve outstanding results by the time the MCF Festival draws to a close in 2021.

Remember, the earlier you decide to sign up and pledge a sum of money towards Patronage, the more affordable your instalments are when donating over the longest possible time scale.

I am sure that you are aware that ‘giving’ can be effected in many ways. I have already mentioned Patronage which comes in three levels, but may I also remind you of the importance of using the MCF White envelopes. They must be clearly marked with your details including Lodge/Chapter. These amounts will build up over time, and by 2021 you may achieve Patronage by this means alone. In many cases you may have already signed up for Patronage at a level of your choice, and by 2021 the additional envelope donations could well help you achieve a higher level of overall Patronage. Brethren, many of our members have opted for this type of giving plan.

I urge you to support your Group Charity Steward, Gary Smith and his new assistant, The Group Festival Representative, Allan Shields. Please be receptive to their ideas and requests wherever possible.

We are one of the largest Groups in the Province and much is expected of us, and rightly so.

I congratulate each of you for your achievements to date, and I look forward to the amazing final results I am confident we will achieve together.

Peter Lockett    Group Chairman.    Summer 2017.